Inria – NATO Country Project Director

Inria (National Institute for Applied Research in Computer Science, Control and Mathematics) is a French public-sector scientific and technological institute operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry. INRIA’s missions are to undertake basic and applied research, to design experimental systems, to ensure technology and knowledge transfer, to organize international scientific exchanges, to carry out scientific assessments, and to contribute to standardization. The research carried out at INRIA brings together experts from the fields of computer science and applied mathematics covering the following areas: Networks and Systems; Software Engineering and Symbolic Computing; Man-Machine Interaction; Image Processing, Data Management, Knowledge Systems, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems. It is also strengthening its involvement in the development of research results and technology transfer. INRIA gathers in its premises around 3.000 persons: 900 INRIA permanent employees (400 researchers, 500 engineers and technicians), 750 post-docs, engineers and visitors, 700 doctoral candidates, 450 Researchers and professors from other organizations and 200 “Expert engineers” (on research contracts).


The RESIST team (former MADYNES) is s a leading research team on network and security management. It is physically located in the Inria Nancy Grand Est centre. It aims at designing, implementing and validating novel models, algorithms  and tools to make networked systems elastic and resilient so as to enhance their scalability  and security, assuming large and heterogeneous ecosystem of users, applications and devices.


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